CivCraft 1.2 Released

Released a new version of CivCraft for server owners. This version overrides the default perk system with a more simplified version that should be compatible with Buycraft and other payment management systems. More information on it here.

Server List Adjustment

I noticed that the server list was still not working 100% correctly as some servers with no players or even 1 player would sometimes show up on the second page. I’ve addressed this issue and the server list should be working as expected now. Please let me know on our community forums if you’re having […]

CivCraft 1.1 Release

Hey everyone! I’ve taken a little break and now I’ve begun to address some of the installation issues a lot of people have been having. I’ve released a new version of the civcraft release which should be much easier to install. After configuring the spigot.jar, you should be able to launch civcraft without having to […]