CivilizationCraft 2.0: Expanding the Community From the Ground Up

New things coming on the horizon, check out what’s coming. (Click Read More for links)

CivCraft 1.3 Released

This version upgrades CivCraft to the latest Minecraft version of 1.7.10. Along with some minor bug fixes to custom mobs (thanks Gunny!). You will now need to accept Mojang’s EULA in order to start the server. To upgrade from the previous version you need to do the following: 1) Replace the civcraft-spigot with the new […]

CivCraft 1.2 Released

Released a new version of CivCraft for server owners. This version overrides the default perk system with a more simplified version that should be compatible with Buycraft and other payment management systems. More information on it here.