Beta 5 Update 11

Bugs Fixed
* Players can no longer access single protected chests by building a chest next to it.
* Chromium, tungsten, and all other custom items are now available in the market once again.
* Moderators can no ban between 1-24 hours as well as unban as needed.
* Tech machinery now gives proper windmill bonus x2 efficiency.
* Windmills plant seeds at a more visual rate, they now plant 16 crops a minute rather then 1000 an hour.
* Added command /resident toggle combatinfo shows the damage you do and the damage you receive from players and monsters.This was primarily added to help us trouble shoot a bug that allows certain players to deal more damage then they should. Please use it if you feel you are taking more damage then you should be and report it on the forums under bugs. Thanks.
* Fixed a memory leak that was causing servers severe lag. 3 hour restarts have been removed.
* Other stability fixes.


Gather your friends and start recruiting, Beta phase 5 will start October 11th!. The new servers will be configured with new exciting seeds running the all new phase 5 code. If you have not been keeping up with road map and developer discussions you can get up to speed by watching our Civcraft Dev Q/A on our

In addition to the new content, we will for the first time be hosting an online store that allows you to purchase custom templates and other non-game changing perks! With the introduction of Victory Conditions, your purchased perks will transfer over to every new round(server wipe). All the money made from the online store purchases goes directly back into Civcraft development.

So what happens to the current servers? On October 11th all of the current servers will have their data wiped. A winning Civilization will be selected from each of the current servers based on the highest Civ Score. The winning civilizations leader will receive a free template pack that they will be able to use on the new servers.

We would like to thank all of our Civcraft community for sticking with us and helping us make this mod what it is today. I know it hasn’t always been easy dealing with bugs, lag and imbalances, but through your frustration, dedication and feedback we have managed to make Civcraft epic! So thank you!