CivCraft Open Beta Update 8, and Server Wipe Announcement

I believe we have come to the point in the beta phase, where large balancing changes are needed before we can move forward. Due to the influence of previous balancing and bugs we are going to need to wipe all of the servers in order to gain any more useful balancing data for the official launch. Additionally, some critical features such as civilization merging, war-related changes, and technology research mechanic changes exacerbate the need for a restart. I know that every player is currently in a different “stage” of discovery when it comes to CivCraft, and that some of you may feel like you were just getting started. I’d like to let you know that we sympathize with your situation, however it is a necessary inconvenience. On the bright side, you’ll be on more even ground with some of the other players who were able to benefit previous bugs, exploits, and imbalances. We plan to wipe all servers on 6/30/2013 which will give you guys another 2 war Saturdays to duke it out, and go crazy. We’ll declare “winners” in each server based on a number of factors. There will be multiple categories to “win” in. Some will be based on community vote. Others based on admin/developer choice. We’ll go into more detail on this later, and welcome your suggestions for categories.

As of tonight, we are committing some immediate balance changes to rates and figures that we can quickly and easily control. Some of the other balance changes will take more time to implement as they involve additional coding. More on those below.

Here is what is changed, right now:

===== WAR changes ====
* Arrow tower damage decreased to 20 damage a shot from 80 damage a shot
* Fire bomb now increases tower damage by 100%
* Arrow tower rage increased from 80 to 100 blocks

==== Government Balance Changes ====
* Added a max science rate to all government types. (code for this pending)
* Tribalism Max science rate 5%
* Despotism Max Science rate 10%

* Theocracy
** Max Science Rate 50%
** Trade good income increased to 2.0

* Monarchy
** Reduced growth rates from 1.0 to 0.8
** Reduced cottage income from 1.5 to 1.25
** Increased Upkeep rate from 1.0 to 1.5

* Communism
** increased hammerrate from 1.25 to 1.75
** reduced upkeep rate to .75 from 1.5
** Decreased cottage rate to 1.0 from 1.15
** Max Science rate 20%

==== Civilization Balance Changes ====
* Increased the cost of starting a civ to 100K
* Increased the cost of a settler to 25K

==== Trade Good Balance ====
* Barter buff reduced to .05 from .5
* Innovation science buff decreased to .1 from .5
* Construction hammerrate reduced from 5.0 to .25
* Year of plenty growth rate reduced from .5 to .2
* Fine Arts Reduced to .15 from .5
* Monopoly trade good income reduced to .25 from .5

==== Shop Structure Changes ====
* Dirt Changed to $100 per 64
* Sand Changed to $150 per 64
* Gravel Changed to $100 per 64
* Glass Changed to $250 per 64
* Stone Changed to $200 per 64
* Sandstone changed to $300 per 64
* Moss Stone Changed to $500 per 64
* Coal changed to $750 per 64
* Brick changed to $500 per 64
* Nether Brick changed to $400 per 64
* End Stone Changed $500 per 64
* Wool Changed $1000 per 64
* Obsidian changed $5000 per 64
* Glow Stone Changed to $500 per 64
* Lapiz Block changed to $1000 per 64
* Jungle stone changed to $500 per 64

==== Bug Fixes ====
* Fixed gov communism now requires industrialism instead on nationalism
* Fixed a typo where buff espionage was displayed as fishing.
* Fixed a typo where buff sabotage was displayed as fishing.

Feel free to update the wiki with those changes. The following changes are not yet implemented, but will be after the servers are wiped. This information is subject to change, but in general will be our approach to solving some of the more glaring issues.

* Cottages should not give money when they starve.
* Town chunks can no longer protrude more than 3 blocks from the main mass.
* Governments now have a maximum science tax rate, based on government type
* Distance from capital upkeep will be reimplemented. Will add a confirmation/warning when founding new towns so players will know how much distance upkeep they will pay.
* The capital town's town hall will be replaced with a larger, more defensible "capital" building. Making capital towns harder to capture. Captial building will include static defense (aka built-in arrow towers)
* The cost of claiming town plots will increase, based on the number of currently claimed town plots a town owns.

=== War Changes ===
* Arrow tower accuracy will be significantly increased.
* Cannon towers will be "buffed"
* Scout towers will have management features.
* Towns will now be "fully" captured by enemy civs.
* Civilizations can now be "fully" conquered by enemy civs.
* Captured civs will "remember" their old civilization and can later choose to "revolt" for a fee. The revolution fee will smaller, the more powerful the enemy civ that captured you is. And the enemy civ will pay war aggressor upkeep during your revolution.
* Revolutions can be won by successfully defending your capital.
* New diplomatic options will be added to allow civilizations to merge.
* A new diplomatic option will also allow master civs to return conquered civs back to their own control.
* Players will no longer be able to join civs that are the aggressors, 3 days before wartime.
* Allies of a civilization can choose to declare war on any other civilization that declares war on its allies up to 24 hours before wartime.

=== Espionage Changes ===
* Sabotage will now be determined by structure type, cost, hammer cost, and the structure's "level".
* Additional limitations on spys will be added. (Cooldowns, distances to targets etc)
* Subvert government will have a cooldown in which the victim civ cannot be re-subverted.
* A notification will be added when a player logs in within your borders.