Sunday 6/30 Launch info

Server Info
* Servers will be up at 6:00 PM PST
* There will be 3 servers total two US server and one EU server set at 250 cap.
* All three servers will use different seeds.

Starting Items and newbie help
* Starting coins will be set to $250 per player upon first time connect.
* Added a new command so you don’t have to exchange at the spawn bank but you only get 30% value as a penalty. /resident exchange iron/gold/diamond/emerald – allows you to exchange for 30% anywhere in the world.
* Players will start with a small stack of wood, wood tools, fishing pole, and some food.
* PvP protection will be set to 3 hours upon first time connection.

Last minute balance changes
* Capital structure has been added, it now contains four arrow towers in the structure itself for higher base defense of the capital.
* arrow towers are now much more accurate but damage has been reduced to 20 instead of 80 damage a hit
* The capital is now more difficult to capture with a total of 8 control points instead of the 6 a town hall has.
* The value of emeralds has been reduced from 500 to 250