CivCraft Open Beta Update 28


* Structures can no longer be repaired during WarTime
* Prevented border spam messages by adding a 30 second timeout. Any border re-entries to the same civ will only be announced once every 30 seconds.
* Fixed ban messages not being displayed when banned players attempted to log in.
* Added a "/report player" command which allows anybody the ability to report other players for misconduct.
* Walls can no longer be built so that the protect structure blocks. This should prevent walls from being placed above or below a capital to protect blocks inside the capital.
** Walls that currently protect these blocks cannot be repaired. Once destroyed by an enemy they must be demolished.
* Trade Outposts and Fishing Boats can no longer be demolished unless their trade goodie item is placed back inside the item frame. This prevents people from demolishing and rebuilding their trade outposts if their trade goodie gets pirated.
* Towns no longer go up for sale as soon as they go into debt. You must wait the 7 days until they officially go up for sale.
* Fixed culture chunks "remembering" the old civilization they are in until a reboot. Culture chunks will now flip in real time when culture changes.
* Replaced the control block pillar in the capital with a sandstone base instead of a fence-post base.
* Control block HP on town hall control blocks has been reduced back to 20. Control block HP for camps and capital control blocks remains at 100 HP.
* Structures used to not be buildable outside of your "towns" culture. Culture checks are now properly based on the civilization.