Hello CivCrafters! The following is our technology roadmap which outlines what features we plan to implement in the future. The goal of this page is to give you an idea of where we are going and how long it will take us to get there (roughly). We won’t be providing hard ETAs or a lot of specifics here, as these features are all in progress and the details will change as they get implemented. However what it will show is a clear plan for how we’re working to make CivCraft a better more fulfilling experience. The following is ordered from short-term to long term goals.

Whats Next For Us
Quality Control

  • Our top priority is server stability and gameplay balancing. As we find problems we’ll continue to fix them and make updates. Stay tuned to the main page for these changes.

Better Gameplay

  • Mining, farming. Farming, mining. Gets rather old after a while right? The core “game mechanics” in Minecraft can fail to keep your interest and lead to a boring day to day experience. We’d like to change that. We’ve got some plans for upcoming features which will address this issue.


  • A general push to make the game more welcoming to new-comers by adding tutorials.
  • Expanding our perks system to offer personal perks as well as town and civ management perks to make life just a little bit easier

PvP Arenas

  • 1v1 and 5v5 Arenas which allow players to flex their PvP muscles when its not WarTime
  • Players join as individuals or teams to compete in a ladder system. Wins = More points, losses = lose points
  • Players will be able to transport to/from the Arenas from anywhere in the world, they will not be able to exit without teleporting back to where they came from, it cannot be used for fast travel.
  • ETA: Beta8

Future Plans

Raid Bosses

  • In addition to PvP content, there is some much needed PvE content.
  • Raid bosses will be craftable portals which take you to a pre-made world in which blocks cannot be broken or placed.
  • Killing a raid boss will give out unique rewards such as special catalysts, and lots of sweet mats for gear.
  • Raid Bosses will have HP regen and will require a team of 10+ people working together to take down.
  • Raid Bosses will vary in difficulty, easier raid bosses may require players to use lower tier gear.

Rework Of Units

  • At some point, once PvP is balanced and bug free. We’d like to re-introduce some of the units with a new flair.
  • Craftable units for residents. Residents craft units but use a town’s hammers to complete them.
  • Strategy. Each of the units will have pros and cons vs each other as well as attributes like “city attack” and “city defense” which only apply inside your own or enemy town culture. Players without units may be classified as “citizens” and only recieve defensive bonuses, making building units essential for war pvp.

Private Servers

  • May players have expressed their desire to play on smaller CivCraft servers with a smaller group of dedicated friends. We’d like to make this a possibility. Once Template and Services are in and we are able to accept payments, we plan to offer servers for only premium users who contribute directly to CivCraft. These smaller servers will contain a lower player limit and will contain less players globally due to the pay wall.
  • Private servers may get to experience new content before the public servers.
  • Private servers may be rebalanced to speed up or slow down the game depending on player preferences.
  • Private servers which contain less players may be appealing to players who work full time jobs, as there will be fewer “hardcore” players who can stay on the server constantly. Allowing a more competitive and interesting experience.
  • We may offer a special “host your own” private server in which you’re given access to a server panel which allows you to tweak the values of all of the game data, allowing you to create a completely customized experience. (Depends on demand and interest)
  • ETA: Future