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Author:  YuccoGama [ Sun Mar 23, 2014 12:20 am ]
Post subject:  comment here -- more small suggestions

1. Granaries: Sometimes it is hard to calculate how long the food stored in the granary lasts, so with a command like

/Granary info

it could show the time a granary will last until cottages will starve and which food will miss first. It would also save the way to run to the granary (yep, im lazy ;) )

2. Walls: Why don´t walls have to fulfill the "reinforcement" with "valid" blocks like other buildings? Flying walls that protect clocks far below them are quite annoying and unrealistic

3. Traiding trade goods: Where is the "traiding" in "trade goods" ?? It should be possible to sell goodies you have multiple times or buy some you need WITHOUT HAVING TO RUN THE WHOLE MAP. Tradegoods and other items should be able to be changed out by civs over large distance for money. Maybe for a fee like distance*1[coins] it should be able to change out goods over the whole map.
The traiding fee can be lowered 50% when a civ owns a Ship Yard and another 25% when it owns a Global Market. This way "trade" goods would deserve their names ;)

4. Command to see where you are outlawed: Maybe i am too stupid to find that or it doesn´t exist ^^ It should explain itself.

5. Repair armor: How about making it possible to repair armor with parts of its crafting-ressources? Maybe by adding 10% of the crafting ressources the armor is repaired for 8% or something? This would just be somehow realistic instead of "always pay the same to remove some scratches"

6. Fill up reinforcement: It can be very annoying to search and fill caves under places where you want to build something. Maybe give us the possibility to fill that up with money :P When the position is not yet valid, you can place the building anyway by paying 1 or 2 coins more per missing block.

7. Buy conquered towns: I´ve seen it often that people let conquered towns just fall in debt, so either it is bought for a shitload of money or it vanishes. Wouldn´t it be fair when the owning civ could buy it for like 25% of the normal fee for a town in debt? So abandoned towns wouldn´t be that useless.

8. Cave mobs: Mining became boring :/ no arrow, no explosion.. only mining around without any dangers than x-rayers or lava... Please give us any mobs under the surface :( Netizen already said he will think about that.. any news?
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anything to add? Looking forward comments :D

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